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Business Areas

Office development

Pecunia has extensive experience in developing office space for different types of users. We have customised new headquarters for McKinsey & Company, Pareto, Arctic Securities, Herkules Capital, Bain & Company, Sparebank 1, Kripos, GlaxoSmithKline, the Norwegian Red Cross, Panasonic Norway, Merkantildata, Norway’s Parliamentary Ombudsman, Alfred Berg Norway and others. Each user has their own specific needs based on size, corporate culture, internal communication, industry and, of course, budget. Pecunia works closely with the clients to meet their needs and to ensure that the premises reflect the user in every way.

Residential development

We spend a good deal of time ahead of project commencement attempting to comprehend the relationship between various housing needs and pricing policy of the specific project. The keywords here are housing quality in relation to price and location. We believe the 743 apartments we built at De Nye Grønlandskvartalene in central Oslo demonstrate a good market understanding. The project is one of Oslo’s all-time best-selling housing projects.

Property management

The Pecunia Standard entails first class service towards our tenants, which is why we manage all of our properties ourselves. This gives us ultimate control over quality and response times.

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