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About Pecunia

Business Philosophy

Pecunia regards property development and management as a craft. We aim to practise this craft according to a few simple principles: simplicity, speed and exceptional quality in everything we do.

This means that, as property developers and managers, we limit the number of concurrent projects to ensure quality of implementation. We will rather have few and larger projects than many small ones. It also means that we invest considerable resources in quality assurance and that we manage our own properties ourselves.

We believe our particular philosophy is the reason behind the Pecunia Standard having been adopted as a term by today’s property sector. The Pecunia Standard is synonymous with exceptional quality, feasibility and a sure touch for style. We are proud of having delivered all 320,000 square metres of our new-build and restoration projects at the agreed time.It is Pecunia’s goal to achieve climate-neutral operation of its properties.

Business areas

Pecunia has four business areas:

  • Office development
  • Residential development
  • Property management
  • Financial investments

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Pecunia as a sustainable owner and developer

Our commitment and environmental focus has been central throughout the company’s history and is reflected in our property development and continuous work to improve existing buildings and set strict requirements for new building projects.

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Pecunia has a history rich in tradition. Back in 1911, when Oslo was called Kristiania, wholesale dealer Einar Stange began producing and trading in iron and building materials. In order to secure access to the natural resources that formed the basis of heavier building materials, the company acquired a number of brickworks, sandpits and mortar works in and around Oslo. Einar Stange AS gradually expanded into property development, and in 1985 the property business was split into a separate company and the third generation took over. Today, Pecunia AS is one of the most serious and recognised players in the property development and management marketplace in Norway.