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Pecunia and sustainable development

Pecunia as a sustainable owner and developer

Pecunia has been a member of the Green Building Council since 2007 and has had a long-term collaboration with Enova in our projects. We have developed a guide for sustainability, which is used both in operation, management and projects and we are certified through Eco Lighthouse.

Our work is anchored in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the EU taxonomy. We use certification for buildings under management and in new development projects to systematically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy requirements.

In order to focus on the areas we can influence to the greatest extent, we have selected five of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:

Pecunia's environmental policy

  • Continuous improvement of our environmental and climate work through concrete plans and evaluation
  • Ensure compliance with applicable rules and legislation as well as environmental certification
  • Influence our tenants and partners in a positive direction related to climate and the environment
  • Set the strictest requirements for sustainability, management and social conditions in our administration and project activities
  • Seeking new technology and new solutions that can contribute to efficiency and environmental benefits

In order to achieve our goals and make concrete measures, separate goals and an action plan have been drawn up towards the year 2030, which are evaluated and updated annually.