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Pecunia and sustainable development

Pecunia and climate

It is more than likely that the global climate is being threatened by man-made greenhouse gas emissions leading to global warming.

The UN climate panel has highlighted solutions which, most importantly for Norway, involve the reduced use of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), an overall reduction in energy consumption and the recycling of waste.

The primary objective of Pecunia’s climate initiative is therefore to facilitate a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (primarily CO2) from our portfolio of office properties. CO2 emissions are calculated on the amount of purchased energy as well as the amount and type of waste disposed of from the properties on a yearly basis.

Pecunia ensures that unavoidable emissions are compensated for through the purchase of UN-approved climate quotas (CER).

Climate neutrality requires having an action plan to reduce your own consumption/emissions, while at the same time compensating for your emissions by reducing a corresponding amount of emissions elsewhere in the world. A CER quota is equivalent to one tonne of CO2, and it is issued only after the emission reduction has actually taken place and been documented.

In keeping with our profile, Pecunia buys quotas from projects that are contributing to renewable energy production that is replacing energy from fossil fuels (see example below).

Kvoteprosjekt 1
Kvoteprosjekt 2

Pecunia's objectives

  • To reduce energy consumption per workplace/hour by 20% between 2022 and 2032.
  • To ensure that our existing buildings maintain, and continue to maintain, a C rating in the energy efficiency scheme,
  • To ensure that construction projects have an environmental target exceeding current technical regulations and qualify for BREEAM Excellent.
  • To support climate-neutral property management with continuous emission reduction efforts and the purchase of (ever fewer) compensatory emissions quotas.
  • To participate in expert forums in order to both learn from and share our knowledge with others.